Hello everyone! So if you follow my Twitter account (@Anicheberryblog) you will 1. Know that I do not tweet much. 2. Know th...

Hello everyone!

So if you follow my Twitter account (@Anicheberryblog) you will 1. Know that I do not tweet much. 2. Know that I only tweet when I have a blog post and 3. Know that I have no clue how to tweet! But if you follow consistently, you may know that I have moments in which I try to tweet some motivational things for fashion/business/life. 

So today, just as I was battling to figure out what to write about, I had another motivational Twitter moment. I was talking about the cons of social media. Not the general and very common 'be careful of strangers' cons but the effects that social media may have on one's confidence. Gone are the days when people complained about how traditional forms of media such as TV and magazines affected people's confidence. In those days, the focus was on how these platforms would give a false image of what the standard of beauty and life should be. However, I have begun to see that pattern on social media. Social media such as YouTube and blogs were so popular, in the beginning, because of how they showed normal people with actual problems and actual cellulite. When I started my blog that is what stood out the most to me. However, with time, some of these platforms have shifted to becoming sources of inspiration for what your hair should really look like, what the perfect relationship looks like, what the perfect home looks like etc. While there is a great representation of all styles and personalities on these platforms, the truth behind these stories and these pictures is not completely visible. With all the hype behind these platforms and the focus towards generating money from them, the authenticity and realness of posts is slowly fading away. 

The downside of this is that a lot of people are scrolling through their Instagram then their Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter and having a very skewed perspective of life. There is a lot of pressure when one follows accounts that are focused on communicating and promoting a specific lifestyle. While these are created to inspire people, a lot of others may begin to feel insecure about their lives, achievements and looks. Some may even begin to feel this pressure to the extent of questioning their purpose and paths in life and at times even making questionable financial decisions to maintain the images they want to portray on their social media. 

So the point of my rant today was to encourage people to go ahead and seek inspiration and motivation from their various social media platforms but to never let any of it make them less confident in who they are and who they were created to be. Never let social media or any other form of media make you doubt your purpose and path in life. 

Our paths are so different. Just because a certain blogger or person you follow on Instagram was an overnight sensation at 18 and is doing better than you have been doing in your ten years of blogging/running your own business/whatever it is you do and feel passionate about, it does not mean that your opportunity for success is over and that you should be listed as a failure in your trade. The way God designs our lives is so unique. Each individual has a different path and a different story. 
 It's like the common example of an athlete in a race. Their focus is not to look to the left nor to the right at what their competition is doing or what they are wearing (maybe which brands sponsored them) or to try to master their competition's running technique during the race (I am not fluent in running so I am trying to be as general as possible LOL but you guys get my point right?). They are not focusing on looking behind at who they have left nor rejoicing at the fact that they have overtaken someone. Their focus is on their goal and reaching the end line (yes faster than their competition but erase that part from this story for now). If they kept looking to the left and to the right and behind they will lose focus and maybe even trip over. So no matter what sources of inspiration you find yourself following on social media, never forget YOUR goal in YOUR path. Praise God for putting these sources of inspiration in your way so they can motivate you but don't let them become your sources of distraction and sources of stress over what others have achieved and what you have not yet achieved.

With consistency, your success may come next month, next year or even in the next five years but when it comes, unless you have clearly documented and spoken about some of your hurdles on the journey, it may appear as though you too were an overnight sensation. So don't let other people's successes on social media distract you from your path. Let them inspire you.


As you know my closet is very very small now after having revamped and sold most of my clothes. The best thing about this is that I am forced to try to be as creative as possible with my outfits. For this look, I wanted to wear this short dress over a pair of jeans. I normally would wear the dress with leggings and the same boots, but with the jeans, it gave a different look. I also wore my turtle neck inside to show my layering skills for days that are not particularly warm nor cold. To finish up this simple look, which I would probably wear to school, I wore my comfortable high boots and carried my super fringed bag. I kept my hair in its shrunken state (which I am absolutely falling in love with). 

Outfit details
Dress- Mr Price- R150
Jeans- Denim Dungeon- R150
Boots- Similar at Spree- R450
Bag- Mr Price- price unknown
Top- Spree- R140


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10 lovely comments

  1. Lovely post and you look beautiful! You're very right, as Roosevelt said, comparison is the thief of joy...

  2. Well, social media are just one part of our lives and the most of us only post about our highlights, but that's something that many people forget. We all should do our own thing and try to improve our own lives instead of comparing with each other ;)
    Love your boots!

  3. great outfit
    would you like to follow each other?
    I'll follow back after it

  4. This is such an awesome post! Have a great new week. :)

  5. I agree with you, it's so easy to get lost trying to compare ourselves to strangers on social media but we don't know the reality of their lives. Nobody is going to put their problem on there so it's easy to think that some people have it all. People should just do their thing and enjoy life, it's less stressful than having to worry about somebody else's life.
    Loving the outfit, your boots are very pretty!
    DeeVine Anonyme

  6. Nice look

  7. Such great advice! Social media can create an overly perfect unattainable standard to live up to if we let it. It's better to use it for inspiration and remember it's not real life. I tend not to follow accounts that are processed or photoshopped now, get much more inspiration from real people.

    I love your layering in this outfit, the dress is great with the jeans :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. this is so lovely and nice.
    new post

  9. So true what you wrote here! I agree absolutely: social media has it's advantages but there are also the dark sides like the pressure people feel when they click through all these wonderful pictures you can watch endlessly on the Internet ... I think we should really be constantly aware of that a picture can show everything but must not always the truth ... Like your look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. Not all that glitters is gold. I never take in everything that I see online.Lovely post luv.


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