Hi everyone! It is finally the weekend! After my last post, I realised just how much I needed ...

Hi everyone!

It is finally the weekend! After my last post, I realised just how much I needed to relax, so last night I decided to take a mental break and just do what I said I would do in the previous post. I had some takeaway (which is not what I said I would do) and relaxed on the couch to watch some movies. I actually woke up on the couch at 5am and realised I had spent all night sleeping there! I guess I was more exhausted than I had anticipated! I am just very glad that I managed to at least switch off a bit because I feel I have been putting a bit of pressure on myself of late! 

So this just about has to be one of the most fun blog shoots I have had with @Jvlianrm. This is mainly because we decided to push our creativity and instead of taking pictures in the locations that have become so normal to us, we took at this abandoned building.

If you are a little familiar with Point in Durban, you will probably know that it is being developed into an upmarket area. There are some lovely buildings there and a canal and it is so gorgeous. The Ushaka Marine is also in the area and there are some lovely restaurants set up already. But while there are some places, somewhat complete, a lot of the others are still waiting to be developed. I am actually excited to see how they finish the area up because what they have so far is very beautiful! 

This building is one that still needs to be reconstructed. It seemed like the perfect place for these pictures because I have always wanted to do this! The building reminded me that life is all about perspective (get ready guys, I have been feeling very philosophical of late. Have you noticed?). The glass is either half empty or half full depending on how you view it. I had a wonderful conversation with my best-friend, Sne last night and we touched briefly on this. I believe that we decide how we perceive things and especially how we react to situations. I have always been a very reactive person and this is something @Jvlianrm tries to hammer out of me every single day. Having battled depression for a long time (something I have decided to no longer be embarrassed to speak about), it is actually very normal for people, like me, to unintentionally view things in a clouded way, so in a bid to start taking control of my life, I have been making it a mission to try to see things in a more positive light. 

Have you ever had something minor happen to you at the beginning of the day which changes your entire mood for the rest of the day and almost makes you cranky, a bit unkind or just plain moody? I have. I realised that if something did not go my way it would completely shift the mood of the entire day and I had never questioned that until lately. I never questioned why I would let one thing that happened in a space of 5 minutes determine how the rest of my 24 hours in the day would be. It seems a little immature, but I feel a lot of adults do this, maybe because they are fighting depression or have just not fully mastered the art of separating the good from the bad and focusing more on the good. I am on that journey of finally learning this. I literally have to mentally have a conversation with myself ,after experiencing something that has the potential to shift my mood into a negative state, and convince myself to not let it affect my day. I am also understanding that many negative things we could potentially experience in the day, can be fixed, if you take a moment to breathe and do not let it get to you. My father always says to me when I am panicking about something or worried, "It is not the end of the world, my dear". I love that so much because it is a constant reminder that 'Yes, my application for [insert whatever I have applied for in the recent past] was not successful but I am still healthy and strong, my family and friends are healthy and strong and I love them so much, I have been blessed with so much more than I expected to be blessed with this year and as I heard on a TV sermon this Sunday, 'A rejection is simply a redirection'. So while you may not have applied for anything, sometimes rejection can come in different forms or sometimes negative vibes can just be crawling in a corner waiting to pounce and cling onto you the minute you wake up, but it is up to you to shake off these bad vibes or become one with them and let them takeover your happiness for that moment, hour or day or week. There are some things in life that we definitely may need to feel the emotions for but a number of other things we just cling onto and magnify. And that quote from the sermon is also a reminder that some of the things we want, may either not be meant for us (because God has a greater plan) or they may be meant for us at a different time in our lives when we have built more strength of character and maturity to be able to fully maximise on whatever the opportunity is.

So always remember to:
1. Take a deep breath and count to 10 before allowing yourself to cling onto negativity or be reactive.

2. Question whether it is worth feeling these emotions. Sometimes it is important to feel emotions so you can get over things and other times it is not. It is important to distinguish between these two situations.

3. Always try to start the day by remembering or thinking about all the good things in your life now and those that have happened in the past. Magnify those victories that seem so distant and small now.

4. When you find yourself sinking into that negative state, try to do something good for somebody else (without the intention of posting it on social media). It always makes me feel happier when I do something good for someone and especially when it is our little secret with God.

5. Have a balanced approach to viewing negative situations. Peel off the bad and try to see the good.

6. Try to focus your attention on things you can change rather than being worried about those you cannot.

7. There is only so much you can do as a human being, in a single day. As long as you work smart and give it your all, do not feel terrible if things do not go your way. There is something better waiting for you and there is a lot you have learned in the process of working smart. Place more value on these lessons.

It is a process I am still trying to master, but at the end of the day, perspective is everything in this life. To someone else, this building might be waiting to collapse, smelly and an eye-sore, but to another, this represents a beautiful vision of a new restaurant, house or store. 


I am struggling to cling onto winter but as you can see the sun is starting to shine and while at times there is still a hint of cold weather even when the sun is up but I know I should start preparing my summer closet. I believe Southern Africa only has two seasons, winter and summer, despite how much we are told we are entering spring, this is basically summer, especially in Durban. 
As I clung onto my winter, I wore my leather jacket and these boots which are so comfortable. I can wear these boots all day and not feel uncomfortable. This look is a combination of essential pieces for my closet. An addition of a colourful scarf or necklace could give this simple outfit an individual touch.

Outfit details

Jacket- Primark
Shoes- Similar from Spree- on sale for R450
Denims- Denim Dungeon- R150
Bag- H&M
Shirt- Cotton On- R200


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  1. You looking so amazing wow. Your blog is a dream, i really like your style. Now i must following you on bloglovin!


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  3. Beautiful photos! And love the jacket!


  4. Lovely photos. Love your hair.


  5. I love your outfit!

    www.foxmystyle.com // Skincare Blog Philippines
    Good day!

  6. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  7. I love your outfit Chenai, those boots are badass! It's great to see you in a Primark jacket - we love the brand here in Ireland (but it's called Penneys here), I didn't know they were in Africa!

    Emma | http://www.fluffandfripperies.com

  8. Hi girl! Thank you so much for the sweet commend on my blog! I love your story and the pictures that you have. I love your looks :)


  9. Lovely outfit dear, great job ! :-) xx


  10. Loving the cool and edgy look on you, hun.

  11. How good you allowed you to relax! And that you slept that long on the couch can be indeed a sign that was more exhausted you thought ... You look really cool in your look with the white shirt and the edgy jacket! Enjoy the rest of the week <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. Your look is amazing!! Love your jacket!! Brilliant!

  13. I love your outlook on life and what a beautiful location to shoot! You look amazing my dear, love your hair.

  14. You are beautiful!!


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