Hi everyone! I must apologise for the sudden silence. Last week, I spent most of the week redecorating and organising and...

Hi everyone!

I must apologise for the sudden silence. Last week, I spent most of the week redecorating and organising and this did take a bit of a toll on everything else. I am starting my PhD this semester and will be working part-time at the University from next week so I wanted to take some time to create an environment that would inspire me to work harder and inspire me to push further towards my goals. I really believe in having a nice space to get the creativity rolling and to keep inspired. I of course sponsored this through selling all the items I had still, that I did not need. I believe in only having what you need and use and if I can generate enough to redecorate a whole flat with the money from the items I don't use then I am absolutely more than happy for that. I have learned a lot in the past few months about finances and especially how I would like to ensure that I am catering towards my needs and not trying to keep up with what society says I need at a certain age. It literally has just lifted this weight off my shoulders and made me so much more aware of myself. I just hope to be able to share this with you one day. 

I took these pictures a while ago and I wanted to show a more formal office look for those interested. I think pencil skirts are perfect for the office and great essentials for a closet. Midi pencil skirts are my favourite, although this one is not exactly the right length I love it is a great skirt. I  think that midi skirts that reach ankle length or just before ankle length compliment any body type and are so flattering for both formal and casual looks. I paired the faux leather skirt with my polo neck, which is another essential in my closet and this gorgeous blazer. It is so easy to change up the look with a lower neck black top if you are not completely comfortable with the polo neck. The coat is also an essential which you will have seen worn a few times on the blog already. Completed the look with my sandals and my most used item: the black miniature hand bag. These two items can be replaced with black courts and a black tote and just like that you have an office appropriate look! 

Outfit details:

Coat- Superbalist- +/-R300
Polo neck- Spree- +/-R 140
Skirt- Mr Price- R130
Heels- Cotton On- R300
Bag- Superbalist- +/-R300
Watch- NWJ- R400

Thank you for stopping by. See you again tomorrow as I definitely need to make up for the posts I missed!


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12 lovely comments

  1. You are very beautiful and stylish!

  2. omg I love that skirt! It's amazing! =)

  3. I love your skirt. I love your style. Loves.

  4. This outfit is amazing!
    I just discover you blog now, and it is so cool!

  5. Super neat and classy!! Love the colors!

  6. Love this simple but elegant look!

  7. Oh, you are really busy and ambitious! But it makes sense for me that you created an environment which will support you. Love the cool office look you show here and wish you many success for your upcoming projects and job.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. Fantastic office look and so elegant!

  9. Such a beautiful outfit. I have a similar skirt in navy and beige. will have to try this combo

  10. Life can take over blogging sometimes, so don't worry. Totally understanding. :) In order words, you look very classy and effortlessly chic. :)


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